Luach Nissan - Digital day schedule contains all the information needed to synagogue
Table on a spectacular and specially built for worshipers.
From now, every week there is no need to enter the Time of prayers
Using a smart system, define the times in an initial
And every week is automatically updated on a board computer!
Time today? All times today by selection are presented in Table
Times dawn, dawn (sunrise) and dusk,
Time of prayer and recitation of the Shema, noon time, 
Nightfall, Daf Yomi, and more ...
Changes in prayer? Not say Tachanun?
Any change in prayer appear clearly and legibly on the board computer.
Table commemoration and memory? All Inclusive!
At the bottom of the table can we commemorate deceased,
Without limitation of space.
The table includes a screen, a computer and an elegant wooden frame.
The screen can be ordered in different sizes.
To order, call today